Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bought a Road Bike!

I just bought a road bike! It's a 2004 (an a half) Giant OCR2 XL. (Details Online).
It may not be the latest model, but it is new and great for me.

We got an awesome deal on it.

So, Becky and I can now start riding together! I have never ridden a "road" bike before. My last bike was a mountain bike... and that was quite sometime ago.

Hopefully the old say is true, "'s like riding a bike... you never forget how!"

Let the adventure continue!


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google Blog: "Sign up for Gmail"

Google has finally released their IM, "Google Talk". It's great that it is based on Jabber, since there are already many IM clients that can connect to it. Hopefully they'll be contributing back to the Jabber project, making it even better software.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

NUT Interface Made it to CVS

It looks like they have decided to commit my NUT Web interface to the actual Open Source project! It was a small contribution, but still cool to be able to particpate and help-out! Right now it is in the 2.0.3 CVS version.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Blank Keyboard

Apparently a guy decided he would be a better typist if he would stop looking at the keys on his keyboard, and made a "blank" keyboard.

Das Keyboard - UberGeeks Only

My typing teacher just put a wooden box/cover over the keyboard, so we wouldn't look... I suppose this is a better solution in someways. It probably makes even more sense for those that switch between QWERTY and Dvorak alot.

NUT (Network UPS Tools) Web Interface Add-On

This happened a little while ago, but figured I should start adding this kinda thing on my blog too...

I've decided to publish something I threw together.

I recently installed NUT and found it to be a hassle to switch between
the CGIs for web access. I created some HTML to provide an easy way
to go between the CGIs easily and quickly. It uses the exact same
color scheme that the default CGIs use.

Directions and download can be found at:

NUT Web Interface Add-On

Annual Update - 2005

Well, I suppose it is time for my annual post on here. I'm not sure why I don't update this more often. I guess I just assume I don't have anything interesting to say... or that nobody would read it or care. We'll see if I can get over that over the next year...

Let's see... Becky and I were married in April! Married life has been great! We just got back from our "real" honeymoon, journaled here: My brother Eric was married a month after us, which was awesome. He'll be moving down to Phoenix soon, which will be nice for our folks being in Tucson.

Back to work...