Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Package Alert Service

Package Alert Service

"Have you ever ordered something cool online and just couldn't wait to get it? Do you agonize over when it will be in your clammy little hands and obsessively check delivery tracking websites?

Of course I certainly wouldn't do such a thing, but just in case someone else has this "problem" I created an email alerting system for package deliveries. A number of people are offering RSS feeds for tracking packages, but that's still the wrong model. Don't make me check when my package arrives, push it to me.

It currently works for UPS and FedEx packages. (USPS already has a nice email alerting service.) You will get alerts whenever the status of a package changes until it is delivered. You could use this service to be alerted when a package is out for delivery so you can know when to be home to accept it. You can track packages you send too, as long as you know the tracking number."


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