Monday, December 19, 2005

Net Tools

Net Tools

"In 2002 Project Net Tools © 2006 was born. The idea was of the project was to provide one big tool with all the main network tools included. So the work of network users could be done easier and faster. Since the first release the project had a lot of good attention. Since then it had been modified and expanded in many ways. The first version was totally written and compiled in Visual Basic. Because of the great success of the project I decided to make another improved version, the known bugs of the first version were fixed and next to that there were a lot of new tools added. This second version of the project was written with Visual Basic 6 and was mainly designed for Windows 98 and Windows Me users. After that another version came out, Net Tools 3... It was totally rewritten; Net Tools 3 didn't have the core of the previous versions and was superior. Because of its immense flexibility, this tool had a lot of success. The latest version of the project at the moment is Net Tools 4, it is partly rewritten, but the main core of the previous version is present. Its mainly being tested on the Windows XP and Windows 2000 OS. It is actually designed for Windows XP (and NT systems), but it's compatible with all the Microsoft Windows OS. With his 100+ tools its a great variety of useful tools."


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